Details to note

Details to note


During the holiday periods you can continue to rely on BIZ Translations & Services!



Your urgent assignments will be schedule even faster if you alert us by calling +32 (0)498/79 73 63.

You can also rely on BIZ for less obvious translations in the most diverse areas.

       Source languages: Dutch, English and German      

       Target languages: Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian,Russian,                                   Slovakian, Slovenian and the scandinavian languages



Our experience and know-how at the service of your communication

Our experience and know-how at the service of your communication

In the first place, BIZ Translations & Services aim to deliver high end quality. For each assignment, we take into account the specific target group you want to reach.


In addition, BIZ is also distinctive through its flexibility. For an urgent translation assignment or the organisation of your open house day, contact Annick at +32 (0)498/79 73 63 and I'll place your assignment in the BIZ diary immediately.


We also attach the greatest importance to discretion. You can entrust your reports, contracts, financial and other confidential information to us with fulles conficence.


Moreover, we insist on supplying you with our services at fair prices.

Services by BIZ

You can rely on BIZ Services for the most diverse high-quality language services.


We offer translations and retranslations of your texts from and to various source and target languages. Furthermore, house specialities also include proofreading and correction of printer's proof and the editing of texts.


There are also years of experience behind the administrative services that BIZ Services provides. However, for these services, we limit the area to a perimeter of 25 km around Ghent.


Looking for assistance? Fill in our contact form or make your request via