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Services and prices


Accounting services

Thanks to training and experience BIZ can help you with your bookkeeping by means of different accounting programs.

You can also leave the communication with your accountant to us!  

Any overdue invoices to collect? It is much easier for an external professional to collect outstanding bills. You can absolutely count on the expertise of BIZ services.


BIZ assists you in:

- Managing your accounts A-Y

- Preparing, drawing up and sending out invoices

- Following up debtors


Organisational services

Any successful event requires a great deal of preparation. However, you need all your precious time for your core business.

BIZ can organise your event from A to Z and make it a success.  

BIZ Services can also support your company with stock monitoring.

BIZ assists you in:

- Organising customer and staff events

- Monitoring the stock of raw materials or products 

- Managing office supplies






Administrative services

You think the adequate follow-up and efficient management of your administration is less important? Think again. It keeps your business going. BIZ Services does this for you!

Keeping databases up to date really pays off. What would your impression be when you receive an email addressed to a former employee? For this too, you can rely on BIZ.


BIZ assists you in:

- Organising and updating databases, CRM, Dropbox, i-Golf...

- Modifying or terminating contracts

- Archiving data

- Follow-up of your HR administration and contact with the payroll company


Commercial services

Satisfied customers make your business grow. It is therefore important to efficiently address any complaints. BIZ will be glad to help you keep all your customers happy.

BIZ assists you in:

- Handling complaints
- Registering and following up orders 

- Negotiating delivery deadlines and rates


Translation services

BIZ Translations delivers copywriting quality thanks to our strong and reliable network of native language experts with excellent references. 

You can call on BIZ for all your translations from and into Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. 

And you can count on BIZ for a certified conference interpreter French-German, RSI (Kudo certified) and English<>Italian!

Both onsite and online. Organisation of your conference in up to 9 languages (via Zoom)

BIZ assists you in:

- Translating technical texts, etc.

- Writing and translating articles, letters and commercial texts 

- Interpreting services (official)

- Organisation of your online conferences


Communication services

Communication in your organisation and with external partners and customers is one of the most essential factors for the growth of your company.

The know-how of BIZ Services & Translations will boost your communication!

BIZ assists you in:

- Creating business templates
- Preparing, correcting and updating website content
- Writing newsletters
- Typing texts and conclusions (dictaphone)
- Handwritten invitations, wishes, etc.





Supporting services 

BIZ Services can help you with one-off or long-term services.

Preferably in the surroundings of Ghent.


Services and prices to be agreed on and tailored to your company.


Translation services

Translations are charged at a rate per word.

Copywriting and text revisions at an hourly rate.


Quotations are made for large translation projects or interpreting assignments.



Urgent translation services 

Contact BIZ 

+32 498 79 73 63


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